I'm a man, and I'm torn between:

Coding & Fashion

So, a little about me...

My name is James.
I’m not actually a ninja.

I do freelance Web Design & Front-End Development, have a swell relationship with WordPress (and a dirty fetish for well indented PHP coding), but more importantly – I help businesses and individuals with the whole “web” problem.

I’ve been tapping away on my keys helping folk for over 12 years now, and see no sign of stopping soon (bar universal cataclysm or worldwide coffee shortage).
(hair not included)

A passion for fashion

Whether it's donning a suit for a cocktail party with friends, or building a costume to attend Comic-Con, I love getting dressed up!

The wilder and more unique the clothing, the better. 

In a world with a million black, brown, and blue suits always choose to spice it up with extravegance: choose the pinks, choose the golds, choose the 80s patterns - and most importantly choose having fun!

Dungeons & DevOps

My primary fun-having hobby is gaming. Tabletop, Roleplaying, Console & PC, I love it all.

The amount of talent that goes into crafting worlds can't be understated, and being immersed in such worlds - especially with friends - is a valuable part of who I am.

Gaming is also the reason I began the whole design & coding business (with a little sprinkle of a computer animation degree or two in there for good measure).

Fancy a game? Roll for initiative!

Get in touch...

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