Stuck in the 80s

99 Neon Dreams


Who are they?

99 Neon Dreams is an 80s theme club night in the heart of Glasgow, putting a lot of work into making sure the aesthetics and music are up to the standard expected from party-goers and 80s enthusiasts alike.

What did they need?

For the event to kick off, the first and foremost item they needed was a from-scratch set of branding: colour-scheme, logo, re-usable elements, the works.

This then grew into social campaign design, flyer design, and ultimately into web design.

What did I provide?

The resulting events website was a (neon) dream to behold.

The branding we decided on together was a cool pastel blue, pink, and green that harkened back to the Miami Vice era and leant itself into creating both the very eye-catching website, but also some unique and popular flyers for the opening night's entry and competition.
We have been very pleased with’s work for 99 Neon Dreams and our branding

Always friendly, always considerate, conscientious and most importantly talented and keeps to the deadlines needed

James has been instrumental in our branding and we not only look forward to working with him again, but would highly recommend him


Alex created the 99 Neon Dreams club night along with his business partner, and in collaboration with, as a love letter to all the great aesthetics and music the 80s had to offer


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