Paranoid, Much?


Life in lockdown

Roughly a year before the internet rallied around a hit new game that was just little bit sus, came an idea for a table-top card-game - based on The Thing (1971) and the game Mafia/Werewolf.

Alas, playtesting and a worldwide virus didn't play hand-in-hand (the parallels between lockdown in the game and real life were not unnoticed), and the game was shelved - with Among Us taking the mantle for the mashup in a time where online gaming became a bigger crux.

Though with the world slowly opening their hearts (and public spaces) the day for ENTITY may be coming again soon.

Paranoia in space

While Among Us focussed on the action aspect with a singular suspiscious space-borne killer, ENTITY brings in the claustrophobia and paranoia of close-quarters lockdown.

The cards were designed with photomanipulation of royalty free photography, and given a clean futuristic look with bold colours that allow you to easily discern teams when turned face-up.

Nearing completion is a companion web-app which allows you to play a game automatically without the need for an extra player to keep track.

Watch this space (haha) for an update.

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