Cover to Cover

Heart of the Tempest


Who are they?

Shannon Wallace is a Scottish Author, who wrote and published her first book (Heart of the Tempest) in 2020.

Heart of the Tempest is a story about magic breaking through the mundane, wresting a girl from our world into another filled with wonder and equally with danger. 

What did they need?

The debut novel was missing but one vital component: the cover!

Shannon approched me with the task to bring her sketches to life, and form a bold and eye-catching brand with the title.

What did I do?

During the composition I was initially left to my own design, following along with the sketches as my main reference.

Shannon was especially pleased witht he render, however I had chosen the opposite season and colour scheme to what was in her mind's eye!

After a few more tweaks and iterations, we settled on a colder snowy backdrop, with the tail of a creature evolved to blend in to this cold climate, and a very happy client.


I absolutely love the cover for my book! James put together all the parts I wanted in a composition that completely matched the tone and theme

I've had a lot of really positive feedback on it

Would absolutely work with James again

Shannon Wallace

Shannon Wallace is an author from Scotland, who published her first book "Heart of the Tempest" in 2020.

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