Dark Vibes, Green Thumb

Jenny Tingle


Who are they?

Jenny is a professional musician currently active in several bands, notably Visceral Noise Department, and Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes.

She is also a music tutor, specialising in flute and other instruments, and also works in professional and hobby gardening.

What did they need?

The original task was to try and encapsulate her work as tutor and gardener and merge this into one logo.

An extended piece of work was done to upscale a small piece of art for the band side of her work.

What did I do?

After several internal passes with the logo, what was finally decided on was a very organic looking combination of flute, musical notes, and a vine hosting multiple families of leaf.

This, overlaid with the bold of the lettering serves for a fancy almost fantasy look for the brand, and gives a very unique logo for use on her business cards.

The upscaled clown-face was drawn using vector to allow for scaling to any size.


Bespoke designs with amazing attention to detail and super fast turnaround.

Couldn't be happier with the graphic work for several of my projects done by JamesPark.ninja

Jenny Tingle

Jenny is an accomplished musician with work in several bands, along with tutoring flute, and professional garden work

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