A Perfect Photo Finish



Who are they?

Jurga is a professional Photographer with a specialty in Live Events, and a special eye for unique black & white composition.

Her work takes her around the country and further, taking fantastic photos of bands from all around the world.

What did they need?

Jurga had recently put together a brand new portfolio site, however was still lacking any branding for both the site and watermaking her photosgraphs.

The task to me was to come up with something that would match her stark style, but be equally visible when used as a watermark.

What did I do?

We went through a process of passing some sketches back and forther to get a general vibe of what direction to lean when recreating as a vector image.

Three main iterations were then greenlit to be experimented on, and then we came to the decision to merge a combination of two of the finalists into one, creating a unique mark with which to brand her photography.


James created a logo for my photography website and a watermark to be used on my pictures.

I received a great selection to choose from, and the job was done quickly and efficiently.

James' communication was top notch!

Jurga Kalinauskaitė

Jurga is a professional Scottish Live Events Photographer with an eye for unique black & white compositions

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