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Kenku - Voice Box


A niche little soundboard

Another Dungeons & Dragons tool, sue me. 
(Please don't sue me, WotC, I love you).

For those of you in the know, a Kenku is a race of bird-like humanoids in D&D, cursed with the inability to both fly or talk. What they have an amazing ability to do though, is perfectly repeat any sound they have heard - a la parrot.

This can be done via your own voice, of course, but I felt that in the spirit of repetition, a soundboard would be the perfect roleplaying accompanyment to a Kenku player.


Built in a similar respect to my Roll Performance tool (WordPress, ACF, custom filters) the soundboard is split into genres/actions the Kenku would be participating in for ease of use. These can be added directly to the site with a sound file.

The little bird in the logo also moves its mouth in time to the audio, thanks to some fancy javascript functionality.

The next steps of the project would be to allow for custom recordings to be added on demand via the web-browser, so that not only can it be used for memes, but also to replicate words and phrases used by both players and the Dungeon Master in game to make a very personalised unique playthrough.
Try it out!

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