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A WordPress Ticketing Platform

In one of my previous companies, we had an urgent need for a secure and detail oriented project management and ticketing system, that would not only improve production and solutions speeds, but would also pass their upcoming ISO Certification.

NEXUS was the solution. Well, it's predecessor was. In reality NEXUS was the next step in the evolution, turning a very niche specific set of rules into a public plugin for WordPress, accessible to all in a manner with which they could tailor it to suit them.

Using a card based ticket layout, each project or support ticket was laid out with very easy to read important information, with quick-access to several ciritcal functions.


The plugin also had its own set of fast-loading AJAX driven pages, and each project had a set of API credentials that could be applied into the user's management process: delegation, QA, sign-off, etc.

Sadly, some of the technologies behind the plugin back then are no longer supported with the more recent iterations of WordPress and the plugin has since been shelved.

Though, like Gandalf the Grey, it may return once again at the turn of the tide.

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