Actress, Model, and All-Round Inspiration

Nicolette McKeown


Who are they?

Nicolette is an established Scottish actress and model with several productions under her belt - including Convergence, Lost at Christmas, and REDCON-1.

She's also an ambassador for FFA Scotland, and spends time working with childrens charities as comic book hero Wonder Woman.

What did they need?

Nicolette needed a branded website as a showcase for her modelling work, and a portal for her then newly started acting career.

What was required was a portfolio that focussed on her work without needless bells and whistles and a simple logo that went straight to the point.

How did I help?

After a few initial iterations with the logo, we decided to go along with a subtle grey and white structure, allowing the modelling photography to lead the viewers eye throughout the site.

The original landing page was then to be expanded allowing for seperate galleries and a further showreel section for prospective talent agents.


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