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Totally Tea Parties


Who are they?

Totally Tea Parties was a "Tea Party On Demand" service, started by entrepreneur Rachael Bloomfield.

Since her moving career into movie production the service is no longer active, though the legacy (and cupcake logo) lives on!

What did they need?

Coming to me with the idea, what was needed was an entire internet presense, online booking system, and interactive website.

From the branding, the website design, and the functionality needed to book and pay, each section would need to be applied in a unique way to normal.

What did I do?

Given a few examples of sites she liked the look of, Rachael let me plug away 0 first creating the all important branding of the service so that social media accounts could be created ahead of time.

With only a single pass, the brand was approved and the website development began, with similar results.

Finally, tying the different offers into unique paypal submissions that would give direct notifications of the date, theme, and address of the client, the site was made live to many a happy tea fan (and one or two mad hatters).


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