What if Frankenstein made Vampires?

Vampyr By Committee

This is going to suck!
(Your blood)

Cut to the beginning of 2021. I'm scrolling through the socials, as one does, having mostly avoided doing any creative drawing for the better part of a year when suddenly: BLAM! A little drawing challenge crosses my feed.

"Create a sexy vampire" it says, while calling for several aspects of the design to be voted on via Facebook friends in the comments.

Some of the prompts left much to be desired, but the idea had struck a chord with me, so I created a more personalised version for myself and put it online, not expecting much to come of it.
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The next generation

Cut to a year later, and I've not only put together 5 popular completely unique designs, we're now venturing into a second series. 

The era of the Vampyr By Committe Trading Card Game is here, with 4 more in the series to complete, all the while thinking what might be next in line.

Invited to Foundation as an artist, they are also available as ETH-based NFTs (though the design process and final results are the most important aspect and will most likely be moving on from NFT minting after Series 2 is complete).
View Gallery on Foundation

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